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P2 Makes IT an Integral Part of the News Workflow

Many broadcasting stations are transitioning from tape-based news gathering and broadcasting equipment to IT (file-based) systems using non-linear editors and network servers. The conversion, however, is often not smoothly accomplished because it requires time and labour-intensive digitising of tape recordings. The P2 card solves this problem by applying IT methods right from the recording process.

In addition to quick recording startups, P2 allows hot swapping and provides a text memo and shot marker function for added convenience in recording. In broadcast and production operations, the P2 mobile can be used for viewing, editing (creating playlists) and on-air transmission. You can also plug a P2 card into a laptop* and transfer data via FTP. The P2 driver can connect directly to a PC network or non-linear editor in a broadcasting station. The USB 2.0/IEEE 1394b interface allows fast transfer of P2 files to both Windows PCs and Mac.

* The included P2 driver must be installed in the Windows PC or Mac computer.


Metadata and proxy files offer new solutions

SD memory card slots further expand the possibilities. On a Windows PC, you can create a metadata file containing the camera operator's name, program name, location and a text memo or other information, and add it to a video file via an SD memory card. Using this file together with a low-resolution proxy file lets you take advantage of PC and IT functions to perform convenient operations such as transferring data over a network or searching for metadata information.

An archive system can be easily constructed by uploading P2 files to a sourcedata server, by using P2 content management software. This allows an ordinary PC to conduct searches based on metadata and preview proxy video clips via the network. The system can be used for both on-air and recorded data, so valuable video assets that would never be utilized if they were stored on tape can be put to effective use. Low-resolution proxy files can be quickly transferred and copied, for on-air transmission of news bulletins or for preliminary offline editing on a laptop PC before the full, high-resolution data arrives. This streamlines the workflow even more.