Robotic Systems

Video production is constantly innovating with camera systems that produce attractive and engaging content more efficiently. Robotic camera systems support these requirements by providing smooth camera movements that can be created and managed remotely, and from intuitive software platforms that combine multiple systems.

Robotic camera systems allow automation of camera movements, which can be programmed and repeated by a single operator in charge of multiple devices. Compatibility with Augmented and Virtual Reality environments boosts the performance of robotic systems, offering incredible possibilities for content creation for live event capture, whilst optimising studio space.

Panasonic offers a wide range of robotic camera systems, including a robotic arm, motorised dollies and columns, elevation units and pan/tilt mechanisms. All these systems can be combined with Panasonic cameras, including integrated PTZ cameras, 4K box cameras and large-sensor cameras.

Panasonic robotic camera systems improve the production value of live events that are captured in studios and venues, with flexible configurations that can be adapted to the requirement of every production.