Solutions Videos

Get to know our robotic camera systems that can take your production values to new heights in detail. They include robotic arms, motorized dollies, elevation units and pan/tilt mechanisms that can be combined with our PTZ, 4K box and large-sensor cameras.

Broadcast-style movement of PTZ cameras with the Tuning System

TUNING is a robotic system that provides broadcast-quality movement of PTZ cameras with motorized dollies and telescopic columns. TUNING is the first robotic system with tracks, totally integrated with Panasonic PTZ high-quality cameras. It allows to build a cost-effective studio with broadcast-style movements, combining floor and ceiling dollies and vertical columns and standalone PTZ cameras.

VR and AR applications

The growth in demand for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) studios has seen Panasonic partner with leading innovators within this field to demonstrate how our camera systems can be used within these environments. The AW-UE150 is the first PTZ that provides Position Data Notification (PTZFI), becoming compatible with Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality applications. Thanks to the adoption of FreeD protocol, the AW-UE150 as well as the new AW-UE100 is compatible with the major players in this market and it enables additional applications and compatibilities.

Automate your production workflow with the KST-Cambot.System

Designed to automate, optimise and enhance your production workflows, the KST-CamBot.system is a motion-controlled robotic camera system for TV studios. Controlled from a central software interface, it enables highly accurate and dynamic camera movements where space is at a premium, and features a robotic arm that can be fully automated for repeatable trajectories. The combination with cameras establishes a 4K-ready robotic system that is ideal for news and sports studios, concerts, entertainment events, and even augmented and virtual reality applications.

Panapod elevation unit

The Panapod is an elevation unit specifically designed for Panasonic PTZ cameras by Polecam. The elevation unit can be used as a standalone system on a stage, in a studio, behind a goal, in a conference venue, or in a press conference, to provide an unobtrusive camera position that is great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artists, players’ action, presenters or the sequence being shot.

Robyhead pan/tilt head

The RobyHead is a pan/tilt solution for professional broadcasting and for stationary use in studios, theatres, conference halls and stadiums. The head is specially designed to work with 4K cameras providing 4x3G SDI, 12G SDI and 2xFiber connections for the camera signals. The most typical payload for the head would be a box-size camera, but it has enough power to carry studio cameras and has connections for a prompter at the front.

Innovating Auto Tracking with PTZs over IP

The Auto Tracking Softwares AW-SF100 and AW-SF200 work with Panasonic remote cameras over IP. Watch this explanation of the software versions and its workflow as well as various key features like the unique facial recognition and custom tracking area settings.