• Industrial Medical Vision

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision provides applications for various segments such as medical, life science, ProAV, industrial or security. The product portfolio includes micro and module camera solutions as well as operating room cameras and recording systems.  End-user, system integrators or distributors can choose from a range of full product solutions and component vision technology.

Panasonic Micro Camera Solutions

The Panasonic IMV micro cameras are suitable for many applications in the medical environment (hospitals, microscopy), life science (research facilities, laboratories),  industrial inspections, ProAv (natural documentaries, sport productions). Panasonic has created a flexible range of remote head cameras including the 1MOS GP-KH232E  and the 3MOS GP-US932X.

Panasonic OEM Micro Camera Solutions

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision OEM Micro Camera Solutions provide lightweight, flexible and high-performing CMOS complete technology solutions, including recording possibilities. The 1MOS & 3MOS OEM micro cameras are suitable for many applications, including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), life science (research facilities, laboratories) and ProAV (nature documentaries, sport productions).

Panasonic Module Camera Solutions

The Panasonic IMV OEM module camera range includes single chip Full-HD Module cameras, providing superior colour reproduction in a compact size for a variety of professional video applications. The Panasonic modules GP-MH322, GP-MH326 and GP-MH330 deliver a native resolution of up to 1080p and feature multi-format capability in compact and light weight camera modules with up to 30x optical zoom ratio. The IMV components offer bloc module solutions for the medical (surgery lamps), offshore (underwater inspection), automotive (traffic control) and industrial (industrial inspections, robotics, security) markets.

Panasonic Operating Room Camera and Recording System

The Panasonic IMV Full HD operating room and recording system can be applied to various surgical procedures including distance learning, education and medical training applications. The Panasonic surgical image recording provides Full HD images at a compact size and up to 12x optical zoom. System integrators can utilize the Panasonic Full HD camera for OR integration with effortless recording.