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Professional Monitors

Combining advanced technology, portability and a robust design, Panasonic professional monitors offer the ideal display solution, whether you’re filming in a small studio or out in the field, or mixing images in an outside broadcast van. Our professional monitors come in a variety of sizes, utilising a number of screen technologies. 


Tough & Mobile with a Rugged Frame Structure

Some of the models within the range feature an aluminium or magnesium die cast frame. These rugged structures provide the toughness and reliability required for professional broadcast field work.

Screen technology and sizes to give you the clarity you are looking for 

Our range of professional monitors incorporate leading screen technologies, with LCD (liquid crystallised display), to deliver a high quality Full HD picture.

The range offers professional monitors in a variety of sizes to meet the various requirements of our broad customer base. Our range features monitors from 23cm to 79cm and they are designed to operate with 3D image or 4K image reproduction, depending on the selected model.   

Key features

3D-LUT & 6-Axis colour correlation and 3D-LUT 6-Pole colour correction
These correction function features reduce the hue shift (colour drift) that results from changes of brightness. By incorporating this feature into our professional displays and monitors, Panasonic ensures faithful colour reproduction in all images. These features are incorporated into all of our professional display and monitors, apart from the BT-LH910G (23cm LCD video monitor). 

High speed response
Response time is the biggest concern when receiving a video feed in intermediate graduations. To overcome this concern we have included an overdrive circuit into models within the range.

Cine gamma compensation
Panasonic offer professionals a display screen compatible with Varicam Camcorders. Cine gamma compensation supports the production of movies, film-like HD programs and TV commercials.

Black mode
Some of the models within the professional displays and monitors range are equipped with black mode. This feature makes dark image areas in low light scenes easier to see; particularly useful for movie production and TV commercials.

Cross hatch overlay
The products in this range utilise a simple cross hatch overlay at 120-dot intervals, which can be displayed to check the tilt of the camera.

Power save mode
Our professional monitors offer a power save mode to minimise power consumption. If no signal is received within sixty seconds, the display will automatically go into power save mode, improving their cost efficiency.

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