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High Definition Studio Camera Systems

Panasonic offers a comprehensive range of HD studio cameras capable of meeting the demands of modern broadcast and film making, both in the studio and in the field. Boasting ground breaking technology capable of outputting superb quality SD and 3DHD pictures at the same time, the cameras in this range are the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their professional equipment at a cost-effective price.


A selection of accessories are available for our HD studio camera systems, including a camera control units, remote operational panels, a variety of viewfinders and a VF interface box to increase the usability and versatility of Panasonic professional cameras. 

HD studio camera features

Employing some of the best technology as far as digital image processing goes, our powerful studio cameras have a high bit rate allowing them to incorporate unique features. Our dynamic range stretch (DRS) feature takes care of any bad lighting, suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights. The skin-tone detail function, and has the ability to make people’s faces appear younger.

Our HD studio cameras have a low centre of gravity and good balance making them simple to handle effectively.  The full range has been improved following direct customer feedback to ensure our HD studio cameras are easy and intuitive to operate.

By incorporating 3CCD (charged couple device) technology, these world class products deliver a 1080i native resolution with a low image smear level, whilst having the capability to output an SD and HD3D picture simultaneously.

Panasonic cameras are highly sensitivity and create low levels of image noise making the range perfect for operation in low light conditions and produce a highly dynamic image range with few light photons. 

The cameras within this range are capable of being rig mounted, and with their unique features they are the ideal solution for everything from close up studio shots to outdoor sports broadcasts that require the ability to capture fast moving action shots. 

Multi-core and optical fibre camera conversion system

We understand that our customers need the ability to rig mount their shoulder mounted or hand held cameras to give them greater versatility and create a professional studio set-up so that costs are kept down and quality of image capture is maintained. The cameras in this range are compatible with the NIPROS ES-series conversion system

Accessories compatible with your studio camera  

To get the most out of your studio cameras, utilise our full range of accessories.  We offer a camera control units, remote operation panels, a selection of viewfinders, a camera adaptor, a base station adaptor, extension control units and a VF interface box.

If you’d like to find out more about individual products in our HD Studio Camera Systems range, please select from the options below. Alternatively, if you would like to receive more informationtalk to a Panasonic representative, simply click on the contact button below to get in touch.