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Broadcast & Professional AV Camera Range

The Panasonic Broadcast and ProAV range offers some of the industry’s best-performing products. Our range of products includes AVC-ULTRA, P2HD and AVCCAM cameras, live switchers and mixing desks for use in the studio or compact models for outside broadcast and live image mixing in the field, professional monitors, remote camera operating systems, studio camera systems, a full range of accessories, complimentary software and recording media.

Our AVC-ULTRA offers advanced video coding specifically designed to provide the professional user with major improvements in cost, speed and reliability. Fully compliant with the H.264/AVC video coding standard, the AVC-ULTRA provides favourable image quality and bit rates for all types of broadcast and image product applications, from mastering to streaming, and helps to deliver improvements in the entire workflow experience. 

Our range of professional cameras also boasts our impressive VariCam products. Within this range is our groundbreaking 4K camera, the VariCam 35. This camera employs an innovative design, and has already been used for a number of professional broadcast applications. To find out more, click HERE.

Professional video recording and Broadcast suite of products for studio or in-the-field projects

The full suite of Panasonic professional High Definition (HD) image recording and Broadcast products provide the complete solution for any recording studio or outside broadcast or recording team. Our large range of industry leading static mounted, lightweight shoulder or hand-held portable professional cameras means there is a Panasonic camera suitable for everything from studio based broadcast and film recording, outdoor sports and news broadcast to natural history filming in extreme climatic conditions.

The complementary suite of professional mobile recording and broadcast equipment, and SSD storage units ensure high quality image recording, intuitive image editing functionality and high speed data transfer to support outside news broadcasts or live content streaming. Equally the larger mixing desks, recording equipment, remote camera systems and professional displays enable superb studio based film production and recording.

A broadcast and professional camcorder range offering Panasonic excellence in image quality

AVCCAM camera recorders use a high quality video codec format, AVCHD, for tapeless recording, with high image quality and low bit rates. These affordable HD camcorders feature twice the compression efficiency of HDV (MPEG-2) and offer extended HD recording capabilities with long battery life.

3D professional cameras offering industry leading technology

When it comes to 3D, our professional camera range of products includes cameras with the world’s first integrated twin-lens with Full (HD) 3D technology, static mounted, and portable shoulder mounted or hand held camera models, and switching and mixing desks and professional displays.  Our integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders combine flexibility and ease of use, and there is a model perfect for every filming situation from outdoor sporting events and motion picture shoots to extreme close up shooting of natural history phenomena.

Cameras and support equipment for every scenario

Our extensive range of remote camera systems covers convertible HD cameras, studio cameras, pan-tilt heads, integrated PTZ cameras and more, giving you the flexibility to film almost anything in almost any situation.  And whether you’re looking for additional recording units, codec boards, lens adaptors, metadata handling products, recording media, mount adaptors or microphones, our broad range of accessories offers whatever you might need. 

If you’d like to find out more about individual products in our Broadcast & ProAV range, please select from the options on the left. Alternatively if you would like to talk to a Panasonic representative, simply click on the contact button below.