• Reducing and reusing

Our commitment to reducing and reusing


P2HD can reduce about 2 tons* of CO2 emissions

Cutting CO2 emissions to protect the environment, and particularly to prevent global warming, is an urgent, worldwide issue. From a management standpoint, environmental efforts are being increasingly reflected in the image and value of today’s corporations. P2HD products meet the stringent Panasonic “Green Product” certification standards, which testifies their excellent environmental performance.

Reusing: Because abrasion-free, dropout-free P2 cards can be rewritten tens of thousands of times, TV stations don’t generate large amounts of used tape like they do with VTRs. Also, because P2 HD systems use solid-state memory, there are fewer parts to replace – such as recording heads and transport mechanism – which again cuts down on waste.

Reducing: P2 memory card recorders are lighter and require less power than VTRs for both recording and editing. For example, compared with our previous AJ-LT95 DVCPRO 50 laptop editor, the AJ-HPM200 P2 mobile recorder uses about 58% less electricity and its weight is reduced by about 49%. In addition to solving the problem of wasted tape, the P2 mobile recorder clearly reduces power consumption. These two achievements alone are able to cut about 2 tons* of CO2 emissions per station per year. In actual use, a variety of other processes combine to reduce power consumption even more, such as the fact that a compact, lightweight design and fast start-up let you stand-by on location with the power turned off. P2HD is closely linked with environmental conservation in routine broadcasting and production operations, making it true, next generation technology.

* Using Panasonic 30-minute DVCPRO HD tapes and assuming that a TV station requires 10,000 cassette tapes per year. The reduction in CO2 emissions from the raw materials of 10,000 cassette tapes is calculated to be 1.52 tons. Also, the difference in power consumption per unit between the AJ-LT95 Laptop Editor and AJ-HPM200 P2 Mobile Recorder is 84 watts, or approximately 245 kWh per year (84 W x 8 hours x 365 days). Assuming that a TV station replaces five AJ-LT95 units with five AJ-HPM200 units, the reduction in CO2 emissions is approximately 475 kg. Combining this with the 1.52 tons calculated above makes a total CO2 emission reduction effect of approximately 2 tons per year.